About Lab Audio

Started back in 1996, Lab Audio & Services has accumulated fifteen years of research and development in audio industry with highly passionate and experienced team of engineers, who focus on delivering superior sound quality through our products. After years of building professional power amplifiers, we now have taken the experience further and introduced a switch mode series of amplifier for touring, where immense power and portability is demanded.

We are not a multi-national company nor do we have a large office with full of white collared executives but we strive to beat ourselves in producing one of the best audio products in our country. With prompt service backup and turnaround time within of 24 hours, we are constantly praised by our customers for the services we provide. Improving our service/product not only helps us grow but also helps us strengthen our bond with the end user.

Apart from sturdy Amplifiers we also manufacture System controllers, Power distributors, Active and Passive crossovers.

Stay tuned for more innovative products….

Professional Audio Equipments